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They stood before me, all gathered at the base of the fire tower I occupied. It had started with a few, and then came hundreds, and now thousands, all occupying this out-of-the-way national park I called home. Grown from a single tweet, and now me, a veterinary school dropout turned Park Ranger, Mr. Internet as my coworkers had called me, surveyed the area below. There stood campsite upon campsite, trailers, buses, makeshift lodgings, and the thrall of people who stood, silently waiting for me to speak.

I turned and looked at my cat, who I had put in my backpack for the climb up, and his return gaze was, “Way to go, dumbass. See what you started.”

I could only think of one thing, a single line from a 70’s disco song, and I shouted it at the top of my lungs, “We are family.”

The response from the crowd was deafening, the roar of the beast I had created now rumbling in the valley below, echoing for miles to be heard.

I looked at my cat, “Now what do I say?” as if he would respond. I could not think of anything except Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous quote, “We shall overcome.”

The crowd went crazy again. Thousands of lighters and flashlights illuminated the night, like lightsabers from a Star Wars Movie. I was running out of quotes.
What in the hell had I done? I was in way over my head.