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How to Play in the #WritingCommunity

As an avid writing #prompt participant, I am frequently asked by people new to the #writingcommunity how they should go about joining in and participating.

I don’t have all the answers, but I’ll gladly share how I do it.

Here are a number of things I wish I would have known when I first started. Every day, there are #writingprompts in which you can participate.

I’ve listed the ones in which I participate, and some, which I don’t. These are most of the common ones. This is not an all-inclusive list and I did not omit any purposefully.

A big shout out to the Prompt Listers.  These are great profiles to follow.


If you’re a prompt host and would like to see your prompt on this page, let me know, and I’ll be happy to add it. 

I’m not into poetry, but there are a lot of great #poetry writing prompts out there, so check out the #PoetryCommunity for more information.

If someone in the #poetrycommunity will provide me with the prompts, I’ll gladly add them to the lists here.

Writing Cohorts

Hashtag Host
#writerslegion @ramona_is_here

Writing Sprint Roundups

Hashtag Host
#7amWritersClub @margarchivist

Daily Prompts

Hashtag Host
#BardBits @DarqueBardBits
#DimpleVerse @Dimpleverse
#dvprompt @AuthorBertEdens
#QuillVerse @TheQuillDiaries
#QuirkyQuip @sevannah_storm
#SalemVerse @SalemVerse
#WIPWordSearch @carly_marino
#WrittenRiver @WrittenRiver
#VSS365 Search for #vss365 prompt @TheWritingKind 

Weekly Prompts

Hashtag Host
#CarnalVerse @MadQueenStorm
#NatureVerse @MadQueenStorm
#saidsun @WendyGoldAuthor
#salacioussun @audrey_ravine
#seducemesunday @EJ_Reine
#sinistersunday @JanGoesWriting
#sundayfict @I_am_S_A
#sunscribbles @DragonspireUK
#sunwip @JudyLMohr
#SunWrite @C_M_E_121
Hashtag Host
#AdultficWri @awheeler2017
#LoveLines @ellekarmawrites
#LustyMondayLit @kinkislove
#MadVerse @MadQueenStorm
#MartialMonday @EllisLoganBooks
#MissMuseMe @bevandeveire
#Monsense @alexloganwrites
#MonWIP @C_M_E_121
#Moodmon @byreneelozano
#MuseMon @babybeachblues
#multilinemon @Nathaniel_Kaine
#murdermonday @McLeanSix
#ProjectfairyTale @Ever_____After
#RewriteItClub @KJHarrowick
Hashtag Host
#BookishTues @_NicolaNoble_
#Btr2sDay @GrProject43X
#FoodParty @foodpartytues
#HODHeartbeats @HODRWA
#TuesTropes @chipmunkofpower
#TuesdayCliches @PressCliche
#Tuesline @FallonDemornay
#TuesWrite @C_M_E_121
#Twisted2sDay @ArthurUnkTweets
#trickytues @Ida_Richens
Hashtag Host
#1LineWed @RWAKissofDeath
#TalesNoir @TalesNoir
#WednesWIP @C_M_E_121
#WIPitWed @WritersUnify
#WiPpetWednesday @ShannonAHiner
#WordWhim @LillianBlaire
#wackywed @BB_Swann
#wednesworld @cat_esch
#weirdwriters @chipmunkofpower
Hashtag Host
#140line @linein140
#FeelLines @scyian
#Thurds @thurdswords
#ThursdayAesthetic @literarilyjess
#ThursPeak @TheSophiaLeRoux
#Thurstale @ellekarmawrites
#Thurswrite @C_M_E_121
#WordWorlds @Jake_Writes
#WriteThurs @tanjasramirez
Hashtag Host
#BeElysian @RelkenWrites
#FellowshipFridays @FellowshipF
#FP or #FridayPhrases @FridayPhrases
#FictFri @Gracie_DeLunac
#FictFriNotG @Gracie_DeLunac
#FollowFriday #FF Shout out for fellow writers
#Fri1st @K_A_Grayson
#FriDare @micascotti
#FriWIP @C_M_E_121
#FridayKiss @YourFridayKiss
#Fritease @johnfpendleton
#lesficfri @OceanWrites
#SciFiFri @SciFiPrompt
#wffriday @LibbyFeltis
#WhoNeedsAHero @dwlandsborough
#WordInSense @SJGreenHart
#WriteAskew @RhetoricAskew
Hashtag Host
#BadWordSat @WillieHandler
#SatSplat @craytusjones
#SatWrite @C_M_E_121
#SciFanSat @SciFanSat
#SciFiSat @SciFiPrompt
#ShareWrit @Gracie_DeLunac
#SlapDashSat @SlapDashSat    @Madd_Fictional
#SuperheroSat @SuperheroSat
#WomenWrite @Nessma_Elssawy

Monthly Prompts

Hashtag Host
#SlamWords @MadQueenStorm

How do you keep up with so many prompts?

I get this question all the time. I’ve developed a system using google docs (I love GDocs). I have a folder where I have one document file for each day of the week and a subfolder
for daily event prompts, where I keep the corresponding day’s prompt:

Screenshot of my G Drive

When the day rolls around:

  1. Open the day’s file on GDocs
  2. Check Free Writing Events for weekday prompts and Superhero Saturday for weekend prompts. Most of the prompts are posted a little before midnight of
    the next day so you can get a jump on it. Some hosts post their prompts days in advance, while some wait until the morning of the event. Each host is different, but you’ll figure it out quickly who posts ahead of time.

    1. I have most of the writing prompt hosts profiles bookmarked to make it easier to find the prompt and then I fill in the information in the Gdoc
    2. You can also copy and paste the hashtag from your GDoc file into the search bar to find it. Once you’ve practiced it a few times, it gets easier.
  3. Don’t forget to check your daily prompts (See Daily Prompts above).
  4. Open your MS or whatever docs you’re using and search for the prompt.
  5. Copy the sentence or paragraph and paste to your tweet. If you’re not sure of the character count, here’s a great site to count your characters before you post to your tweet – Twitter Character Counter
  6. Add your various hashtags for the day + these (not required but get your tweets more attention) #amwriting #amediting #WIP #writingcommunity #writing. There are a lot of hashtags you can use, but it’s best to use the ones that apply to your
  7. Tweet your heart out!
  8. Lather, Rinse and Repeat.

Be well. Have fun. Enjoy your writing.


Published by

Nathaniel Kaine

Nathaniel Kaine, the youngest of five children, was born on the east coast and spent his formative years in a small Midwestern town in northwest Indiana. As the youngest of five children, his siblings much older, he developed a penchant for crafting and writing tales as a way to entertain people. At the young age of seventeen, he shed his Midwestern roots for a more adventurous life in the U.S. Navy, where he had a broad array of experiences in the submarine service, surface naval units, and Foreign Service, specializing in electronics and communications. His time in the service allowed him to travel extensively, both in the United States and abroad, working in and visiting over 40 countries, experiencing and embracing many cultures. He spent a majority of his time, living and traveling throughout Central and South America, where he became fluent in Spanish while working with foreign military units on an advisory and training basis. Nathaniel has worked in the Financial Services Industry and currently works in Information Technology having held a number of different positions in both, constantly seeking the challenging aspects of his fields. Nathaniel’s avid love of the outdoors and adventure has led him on many interesting journeys, through the Andes in South America, the Amazon, diving in many of the world’s oceans, spending time on safari in Kenya, visiting the outback in Australia, constantly looking for ways to explore. Nathaniel and his wife, Meghan, have two young children, with whom they spend most of their waking hours. He also has three older children from a previous marriage to Kathleen, who passed away from cancer at an early age. Nathaniel takes much of his creative inspiration from classical authors such as Robert Louis Stevenson, James Fenimore Cooper and Herman Melville, and modern-day authors such as Robert Heinlein, Isaac Asimov, Lee Childs, John Grisham, and Clive Cussler.

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