John Hunter Series

Book One – The Veteran

John Hunter Veteran

John Hunter was living the American Dream. A highly decorated war veteran, he had served his country as a member of the U.S. Navy’s Elite Special Forces. After being honorably discharged and getting his P.T.S.D. under control, he walked away to a normal life, filled with routine, doing all the things he was supposed to do. With a wife, two kids, and a good job, he was at peace with himself, enjoying the fruits of his labors, and the happiness that surrounded him. He had conquered his demons and was just an average guy with an average life.

One day changed everything. The events of that day would force him to call upon those skills learned long ago, skills that now sat rusty and would have to be re-honed to the razor sharpness; not only for his, but his entire family’s survival. He would have to break from the shell he had built around himself and once again step back to a time where he was not average, not happy, and not at peace. He would again have to awaken those demons he had quelled so long ago, ¬†and no longer be that Average Joe. For this, he and his family would pay the price.

They live in my dreams
Residing in my thoughts
Sometimes quiet
Sometimes clamoring for release
But never are my demons silent
Patiently waiting their time
Waiting for a reason to awake
To creep from my dreams to my reality
And what disturbs me the most
is my willingness to embrace them
A part of me as is my own beating heart
and secretly find the magnificence in the chaos
as if welcomed home by an old friend

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